4 dl or 50g Plant Mate Mince
1,5 dl coffee – as we drink it!
100g dates
50g out meal
20 g cocoa powder
20g coconut fat, meltet
coconut flour and/or puffed quinoa

  • If a sweeter taste is prefered, a part of the coffee can be exchanged with apple juice or another juice. – Or the blend can be seasoned to taste with powdered sugar or syrup.

  1. Put Plant Mate Mince in a bowl and pour hot coffee over it.

  2. Leave Plant Mate Mince to soak up the coffee, this takes approx. 10 minutes. Then add all other ingredients. 

  3. Blend the mix to a homogeneous mass in a food processor or with a stick blender.

  4. Form small snack balls and roll in coconut flour or puffed quinoa.

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