Organic Pioneers

The founders of several organic initiatives are one biologist and one farmer!
The biologist is Ulrich Kern-Hansen and the farmer is Fie Wedersøe Graugaard.
They are also the founders of Plant Mate by Organic Plant Protein:

“From Pork to Plant”

Organic Agriculture and Butchery
In 1980 we reorganized our farm to be organic and experimented with meslin as well as other new types of crops. In the 90s we established the first organic production of pigs in which all the animals lived in shelters in the fields – proper open country living! We also built the first “only organic” butchery with special rules for welfare.

For two decades we had more than 2000 visitors on tour every year. The clever and social pigs were happy to receive guests! We still meet people that clearly remember having visited the farm, our farm shop, or seen us at a harvest market.

Organic company – Hanegal
Organic food production – Hanegal
In 1993 we founded Hanegal A/S. 100% organic and no additives. Back then you could not buy organic lunch meat in supermarkets! Since then, we have also produced and sold ready meals – with and without meat. “Eat less meat” was our slogan.

Furthermore, we established the world’s first organic hotdog stand and this has given us the opportunity to meet Danes all over the country at markets, animal fairs, and so on.
We were awarded many prizes for good animal welfare and for product quality. Recognition gives you renewed energy! In the 90`s Hanegal became known in all of Denmark – thank you for the support out there!

New organic business – Organic Plant Protein
Hanegal decided in 2018 that in the year 2030 85% of Hanegal’s products should be plant-based. In developing these products, we needed plant protein products of good quality without soy and additives.
We did not find this in town – but we did find a person with the necessary knowhow – and in 2019 we founded a new company, “Organic Plant Protein a/s“.

From Pork to Plant Mate
In the new company, we have developed a range of plant-based organic protein products that has already seen high recognition in terms of their quality. What we eat should be delicious and nutritious. We wish to contribute to the green transition and to the reduction of CO2 by making sure that we all “Eat Less Meat”. The Plant Mate products make it easy and we are currently working on making them available everywhere!

Find information about the raw materials, the products, and our values on these sites.