Plant Protein Products

The technique used to produce these products is like the production of pasta. Flour and water are mixed, the dough is kneaded, heated up and with the help from different sized nozzles, shape and size is determined. In the same manner as pasta is produced in many different shapes and sizes.

These Plant Mate products can replace meat in most dishes.

As a dry product the protein content is 53%. They need to absorb water, marinade, broth, or another kind of liquid before being served. 100 g of the product will weigh around 250 g after having soaked in a liquid and the protein content in the soaked plant protein will be 18%.
This type of product is also called Textured Vegetable Protein, TVP.

The fat content is low, 4%, and the dietary fibre content high, 15%.

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Plant Mate Chunks
Plant Mate Granulat
Plant Mate kødanalog
Marineret Plant Mate