Raw materials and quality


The Plant Mate products have been assessed by chefs and food companies both in Denmark and abroad. They ALL think that these are the best plant protein products and meat substitutes they have yet had. The structure is similar to meat because of its long fibres and a neutral taste. The taste of legumes is not popular with everyone and a neutral taste is therefore a plus in this case. However, flavour is easily absorbed in Plant Mate products during soaking and cooking by applying various spices and juices.

The raw materials are organic peas and faba beans

These legumes have been cultivated in the Nordic countries for centuries and fit well within an organic crop rotation. Legumes collect nitrogen from the air and can thus “fertilize themselves” and the subsequent crops in the area. This is very beneficial when there is a reduction in livestock and thus less manure in Danish agriculture. In a few years, all of our legumes will be cultivated in Danish organic farms.

Simple process without chemistry

The flour from peas and faba beans is sieved in a mechanical process called air classification. This process happens without the use of chemical aids and without isolates.

We use the protein rich part of the flour for all of the Plant Mate products. The flour is put through a so-called extruder. A technique also used in the production of pasta, Havrefras (a type of breakfast cereal of whole wheat oats enriched with fibres), and similar products of different flour types. The technique is a kind of baking process where flour and water are placed in the machine, the dough is kneaded and then heated, and finally the “dough” is lead through a nozzle that decides the size and shape of the product. Ultimately, the plant pieces are dried and can then be stored for a long time at room temperature.

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All Plant Mate products are:

Without additives