Sustainability and Community

Our shared planet requires more sustainable actions from us and for us to change our way of living. We have a common responsibility for the future of our community.

Eat Less Meat

“Plant Mate” is the name of the brand and it can become your “Plant mate”.

“Organic Plant Protein” is the name of our company. Though more than being a company with a mission, it is a mission with a company. The mission is to contribute to reducing meat consumption while ensuring that ecology has an important role to play in the green transition. A significant reduction in the production of livestock and feed is vital if there is to be enough food for the rising population on our planet.

Thinking about the CO2 is not enough

If we only think about reducing our CO2 outlet it can end badly for the environment and the health of people, animals, and the planet. And that’s not good enough!

Clean groundwater, rich biodiversity, and fertile ground are crucial in securing the future of the planet and its inhabitants. To us, organic farming and corresponding production systems is the only reliably long-lasting method for cultivating the ground. Moreover, organic production is constantly under new and exciting development as it is an inherent part of ecology’s DNA to continue evolving and learning to become better.

Peas are the most climate-friendly protein plants

Compared to other protein-rich plants that can be used for food, yellow peas have the smallest CO2 footprint by far. Peas make out 75% of the raw materials used in our Plant Mate products. Read more about the raw materials here.

Organic Plant Protein’s production, energy sources, manufacturing, and delivery of the raw materials we use in the Plant Mate products are currently being analysed by an external climate expert.
You can read the final climate impact rapport here. 

Hartvig and Albert

Happy kids with their futures ahead of them!
We need no more arguments as to why the state of the globe is so important in the future.

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