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Organic Plant Protein
This is the name of our food production company where Plant Mate products are made. The company has its base in Jutland.

Den Plantebaserede Sygeplejeske/ The Plant-based nurse
A nurse with a lot of knowledge on the topic of what effects plants have on our health and vitality. Lectures, consultations, and courses are available for booking.

Dansk Vegetarisk Forening
A society with a history of more than a hundred years. Find information and material on the website of The Vegetarian Society of Denmark. The society (DVF) seeks a broad cooperation in increasing the production and consumption of plant-based food.

Økologisk Landsforening
A society for consumers, farmers, kitchens, and companies.
Organic Denmark works with export and is part of ØL (Økologisk Landsforening).

Plantebaseret Videnscenter/Plant-based Centre of Knowledge
A cooperation between The Vegetarian Society of Denmark and Organic Denmark with the purpose of strengthening the foundation of knowledge for a more organic and plant-based food production system.

Fra Foder til Føde/From feet to Food
A vision for Danish agriculture, food production, and consumption. The vision is a cooperation between six organisations who all wish for a more sustainable future.

Think holistic – as a foodie, a farmer, the health system, and everybody else.

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